The Super Mama Playbook:

Discover the TOP 4 Mistakes to Avoid to Find a Healthy, Fun Balance as a Mom... 

... Even if you feel like you're beyond busy, always behind, and most nights just collapsing into bed after dinner.



LIVE!  Wednesday, September 1st @ 1pm MT

In This Free, LIVE Training You'll Discover...

  • How to stop putting yourself last and operating from "supposed to" as a mom and instead live your life from YOUR priorities so you easily make time for your self care and show up for your family.
  • How to stop pushing through your life and living in a way where your health constantly takes a hit and instead, cultivate calm, stillness, and peace into your life while still getting things done.
  • How to stop using Diet Coke to make it through the day even it somehow ends up in your grocery cart every week.
  • What gets in your way of doing what you KNOW is best for you and get to the ROOT of the problem so you can consistently live a healthy lifestyle moving forward without yo-yoing with habits or results.
  • How to drop the all-or-nothing mentality with food so when you don't eat on your plan you don't end up eating an entire bag of Chips Ahoy cookies in a sitting or telling yourself, "I ate a cookie and ruined the day so I might as well eat a burger too."
  • How to stop being a "yes ma'am" by saying yes to everyone and people pleasing and telling yourself, "I'll make it work, I can do everything and anything others ask of me" without feeling guilty or worried you'll ruin friendships by saying no.
  • How to stop yo-yoing between being gung-ho, hardcore, super motivated to falling off the wagon hardcore for months and, instead, consistently make health your lifestyle so when you do slip-up you just keep going!
  • How to stop eating all your emotions, and instead, find out how to actually eat the right amount of food for yourself without having ot count calories, feel deprived, beat yourself up for overeating, or tell yourself you'll start again on Monday.
  • How to create a healthy family culture of playing and having fun even if all you currently want to do all day is nap.
  • And much more...